FFLGuard is a flat-fee legal defense service and firearms compliance program (“the Program”) run by the country’s best attorneys in the field, along side various subject matter experts, professionals and para-professionals hand-selected from the highest ranks at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (“ATF”).

The FFLGuard Program protects its clients’ licenses by delivering an unlimited legal defense — with no hidden hourly fees normally billed by lawyers — against ATF administrative action at a flat rate each month. These REACTIVE services are managed by a Client Relations Team trained to deploy FFLGuard’s legal counsel and ATF experts anywhere in the country on a moment’s notice.

Unlike an insurance policy however, where a carrier is only responsive upon filing a claim when a loss occurs, FFLGuard also provides value-added PROACTIVE services to bolster its clients’ defenses. FFLGuard’s battle-tested “Advocacy and Risk Management (ARM)” model builds a solid compliance foundation in defense of its clients BEFORE a time of need arises to fight against ATF action. FFLGuard’s proactive, preventative measures include a one-of-a kind clients-only website/portal that houses a comprehensive Q&A library, and quick-response HelpDesk for questions unanswered in the library, specialized personnel to handle operational security and damage control public relations, extensive online training modules to teach and qualify staff on firearms transfers and record keeping, intense on-location mock audits and staff continuing education sessions, and much more.

By paying the appropriate yearly fee (or monthly installments) and following FFLGuard’s Law Plus Guidelines, participants in the Program share in one, aligned joint defense effort, and rely on a single “legal department” to oversee the organization-wide effort by the FFLGuard team to assist, advise, and provide legal support for all clients. FFLGuard was the first to deliver the greatest possible protection for an FFL — in both reactive and proactive fashion — in a world where risk-aversion to losing your license should be top priority. With over 500 years of collective experience among its legal and professional team, no other lawyer or compliance service in the country can compare.